G + M Company guidelines


In short - we are just good. The quality of our work derives from professional and personal competence, experience and commitment of our team. We judge objectively and act creatively, always focused on the best possible result for our clients.

GOOD: because we rely on expertise, experience and commitment.


We work efficiently and success-oriented. We are successful in making our customers successful.

EFFICIENT: because success-oriented work leads to the goal.


Every case is different, thus every advice has to be customised. The composition of specialists from different special fields makes our advice, support and, above all, the solutions specifically.

INDIVIDUAL: as our customer´s concerns.


We are open minded about new ways. Be it new techniques such as the advantages of digital communication, or modern working practices and innovative approaches. If you don´t go forwards you go backwards – hence, we want to continue steady development.

COURAGEOUS: with openness to innovation.


We operate regionally and nationwide. Local bond was yesterday – due to digital technology, highly-qualified employees and Fulda´s central location, we are today able to attend to clients throughout Germany, also in terms of European law.

MOBILE: in Fulda , in Hessen, all over Germany . We are partners.


For us that is not a mere condition, but a conviction that we live. It is reflected in dealing with our customers, as well as cooperation in the team. Loyalty and trust are the foundation of our partnership.

IN PARTNERSHIP: always as a team, for and with our customers.


To us personality and personal commitment play an important role. This principle does not refer to our daily work, only. We are also dedicated socially and in professional sociations.

COMMITTED: active and socially in society.


The optimal training and education of our employees is very important to us and helps our company to remain successful in the long-run. We encourage our offspring continuously.

RELIABLE: because we guarantee consistent quality through junior staff development.